From nursery layout to newborn care education, I provide prenatal support to prepare you, your family, and your environment for your new family member.
This includes the following and much more:

◦  Newborn care education 

◦  Preparation for birth and postpartum

◦  Recommendations for baby products

◦  Nursery set up and organization

  Creating healthy habits now for physical and mental wellness

 Inside scoop on baby staples - diapers, onesies, swaddles, carriers, etc

◦  Understanding of the decisions you'll need to be prepared for

◦  Car seat instruction  & installation assistance

◦  Answering questions, quelling concerns

Emotional processing guidance to empower you and your partner to be successful in nurturing yourselves and each other. Emotional resilience and physical well-being play a key role in babies' development in the womb.

All of those thoughts of "we'll sort that out later" are great things to sort out proactively

Natural State Doula offers prenatal / pregnancy doula services in Bend, Oregon & surrounding areas.