I’m not the first to say that children can be our greatest teachers, but I do recognize that the chaos of everyday life can make it tough for us to listen. With over a decade of childcare and infant care experience, I have found that kids can share profound wisdom in even the smallest interactions. Each child has limitless value and boundless love, and so, I’ve cultivated a childcare philosophy that manifests kindness and empathy.

Growing up with five brothers here in the Pacific Northwest has taught me that the bonding moments within a family create the foundation of healthy and holistic living. It has also taught me the importance of knowing myself and being fully connected with my emotional state. 

Children are incredibly perceptive, and if we seek to raise a generation of compassionate humans, the intuition they develop starts with us.

As a doula, I’m honored to have the opportunity to hold space with young families who share similar values.

From the Hawaiian islands to mountains of Colorado, from Yellowstone to Spain, I’ve opened my heart to countless children and infants who are all tied to one driving human principle: the desire to be safe, heard, valued, and loved. My aim is to meet this innate need for each member of your growing family and empower you to continue this growth independently.